Capri Perana Racecar - Gunston A2

Information Wanted

Although the technical details of two of the Capris are reasonably well known, we know almost no data about other racing Peranas.

And we have so far struggled to unearth any really good photographs.

If you can help in any way big or small please email us at

We will of course give full credit to all those who provide information that we use.

Race Cars

The race cars section will contain details of various Perana racing saloons.

At present we have pages for some of the best known cars:

Today, some of these cars and a number of other Peranas are still racing.

We will add more as or research progresses.

Rally Car

Less well known is the fact that the Escort Mk1 Perana was a very effective rally car. Go to an advertisement of the time to see some results.