Granada Perana

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SA Motor, January 1973

Granada Perana V8

The Granada Perana was based on the 3 litre GXL model, and later on the 3 litre Ghia. Like the Capri Perana V8 the Granada Perana was powered by a Ford Mustang 5 litre V8 (Windsor Small Block Ford) engine. Production started in early 1973, with the Ghia variants produced later towards the end of 1974.

Granada Peranas were produced in both four door and coupe versions with automatic (C4) and manual (top loader) transmissions. The majority were automatic, and manual coupes are very rare.

The motoring press and the public widely acclaimed this car as an effortless cruiser and the smoothest ever Perana. When SA Motor tested the Ghia variant for their December 1974 edition they quoted Basil Green himself as saying: "I think this car is now just about as good as we're going to get it." The car also had amazing performance as the figures in the table on the right show.

As with other Peranas, the Granada was marketed through Ford dealers in South Africa, but with this car Ford's interest went further. A number of Granada Peranas were exported to Europe and America, with one of them being for the personal use of the then Ford President Lee Iacocca. Because the Granada Perana was so well engineered, Ford came close to producing it in Europe. Unfortunately this did not happen, probably as a result of the fuel crisis of the middle seventies.

Unlike other Peranas the Granada was available in a number of standard Ford interior and exterior colours. The prototype tested by SA Motor was metallic brown with a black vinyl roof, and a light brown interior.

External changes to the Granada Perana were very subtle with only badges and wheels being different from the standard car. V8 badges were added to the bonnet, boot and behind the front wheel arch. Perana badges were also added just below the V8 badge behind the front wheel arch.

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