Capri Perana

Home is an historic car enthusiasts' site about the history of the range of Perana high performance cars developed and produced by Basil Green Motors in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Perana cars were based on the Ford Cortina, Ford Capri, Ford Escort, Ford Granada and Ford Sapphire. In each model (except the Escort XR3 and Sapphire) Basil Green used a larger capacity, more powerful engine instead of the standard unit. In addition to the engine upgrades, other changes were made to suspension and brakes.

On the earlier Peranas the mechanical changes were complimented by distinctive paint and striping, and on some models a selection of optional accessories.

There were also a number of famous Perana racing saloon cars, including the Capri Peranas that won the saloon car championships in 1970 and 1971.

Basil Green used the name Perana from 1968 onwards starting with the Cortina Perana V6. This was followed by the Capri Perana V6, Capri Perana V8, Escort Perana, Cortina Mk3 Perana V6, Granada Perana V8, Escort XR3 Perana and finally the Sapphire Perana.

The Perana cars gained a completely justified reputation of being well engineered and properly developed cars which had a completely production look and feel without any hint of aftermarket conversion.